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Long Run

I have been using Thursday evenings to get in my long runs. My wife does not get home until after 7 p.m., so I have the time to run as long as I want after I coach the Hillview Cross Country club practice. Most weeks I have been running 6 miles to school in the early morning and then running longer and longer as I make my way home. Thursday however I skipped the early morning run so I could focus on a quality long run. After practice I drove to Marie Kerr park intending to make it my “home base” for the run –  a place I could return to for water and facilities.  I ended up running my whole run at the park. I have a 1.5 mile loop that I like to do, so I did it 12 times. I felt strong and kept it at a comfortable pace.  When I run in cool weather my eyes get very watery so I was unable to check most of my splits on my Garmin 350. I did notice several splits (1/2 mile each) just under 4:30.  I finished the run in 2:38:30 which is an 8:48 pace. My marathon PR pace – back in 06 was 8:45!

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