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Speed Work on the trails

Typically I run 2 or 3 miles easy with my middle school running club and then go to the Tuesday night track workouts with Clay Patten and a bunch of other High Desert Runners for a hard speed workout. These workouts are usually about 3 miles of intervals at around a 6:40 pace within a total 6 or 7 mile workout. Tonight however, I have to go to a meeting. So I was trying to figure out how to get enough of a speed workout in with my kids without wearing them out. As we began club, a bunch of the kids wanted to run to the tunnels. That is a 5 mile run we do from Hillview, around the Boulders mobile home park to the desert area near the aquaduct just east of 60th West (Godde Hill.) I thought to myself “perfect.” We did a short warm up of 1/2 mile (the kids warm up way quicker than myself, but even I warmed up quickly today) and then made our way up the hill, breaking the run into .4 to .5 mile segments which some of us ran as intervals. The rest just ran steady and we all ended up at Godde Hill road and the aquaduct. We then run back along the southwest side of the aquaduct and run through the 6′ drain pipes to get back to the same trail we took going up the aquaduct. All together, 4 of 5 of my kids and I worked in 3 miles of fast running within a 5 mile run. (We did not jog between intervals but simply stopped and rested, while doing legs swings and such to stay loose.) The average pace was more like 7:30, but that is not too bad for a steep hill on a dirt trail.
Tomorrow I will cross train and ride my bike with Christian. I allow myself to substitute the bicycle for some of my easy miles at a ratio of 4 to 1….

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