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Bunny Hill, Coldstone and cycling day!

I am writing the post a few days late. I wrote one on Friday, but I did it on my Treo and I think it got lost on the way…  Friday morning I rode my “Old Blue” bicycle to Hillview.  “Old Blue” was purchased in 1983 from one of the department stores, so it is not anything special. Most of its years it has hung out in my garage. It works okay – but it is old and very heavy. Anyway, I rode it Friday morning past Hillview and locked it up in front of Coldstone. I got a ride from there back to Hillview.

After school my club/team ran what we call the bunny bush. We go around the Boulders mobile home park, under the aquaduct and then up to the highest point on the ridge above the school. The real name of it is Margo Hill, but we call it The Bunny Hill. The Bunny Hill is directly above Hillview (hence the name Hillview, I suppose) if you look up at it there appears to be a giant bunny rabbit perched atop the hill. The ‘bunny’ is actually a large Juniper bush for a bunny body with w large Joshua Tree at one end for the ears.  All together we climb about 600 feet in just over 3 miles and then we run back down. I reward those crazy enough to run it with me by ending the run at Coldstone!

Satellite Image of our run!


Clay had asked me on Thursday, as we were nearing the end of my 18 miler, if I was taking Friday off. I told him I had to run up the hill with my kids, but I am not sure what he will think of this run the day after my long run. As for my condition, I was suprisingly strong. After last week’s 18 miler I was quite stiff the next day, but this time I had recovered much more completely. I’ll take a break on Saturday and just cruise around town on my Tandem with my wife – VERY EASY!!

Once everyone had left Coldstone, I went to unlock my bicycle and found that I did not have the key. I had left my keys with a parent for safekeeping during the run and had forgotten to get them back…. After 15 or 20 calls to a cell phone that was not being answered and maybe 20-30 extra minutes of waiting, the parent reappeared with my keys and I rode my old blue bicycle the 6.5 miles back home.

Total 13 miles on bicycle and 6.25 miles of running.

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