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Palmdale ACES 5k course vs Surf City Marathon Elevation

I was curios about the elevation profile of the Surf City Marathon that I am going to do and how it compared to some of the routes I run around here. It turns out that the local routes are much hillier. Even the Turkey Trot 1k and 10k which I races a couple of weeks ago – and set my new 10K PR at 44:21 has as much of a hill as the Surf City marathon. The first mile of the Turkey trot climbs almost 100 ft according to the data from my Garmin and the data from mapping the route on – click the link to check it out:

Palmdale ACES 5k and 10K
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The Surf City Marathon Profile is here:

Click to access 2008+Marathon+Elevation.pdf

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  1. Dale
    I would love to pace you for a 13.1 mile run at your goal pace. I bet we could get Clay in on it too. How about January 3rd? We could do it up on the Aqueduct at 8:00 pace (1:45). What do you think?

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