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Spring Marathons

I just noticed that the Los Angeles Marathon has changed its date AGAIN!  Now they have scheduled it for May 25th. This sounds like a recipe for overheating to me, of the 5 L.A. Marathons I have done 2 of them were already too hot to run well in.  To their credit I have noticed that the scheduled start time is 7:00 a.m. while their former races were more like 9:30. That’ll help a little but I don’t think I’ll do it.  Now if they were to change the course…. How about starting at Dodger stadium, run through downtown, then Hollywood, then the westside and keep going west to the beach!!  Net downhill and the rising daytime temperature would be compensated somewhat by the proximity to the water. … If ony they were to ask for my input…

I also noticed today that the Orange County Marathon, scheduled for May 3rd has posted their new course.
The course looks pretty interesting to me. I am an Orange County boy, having lived in Fountain Valley until I was 19. The course should be pretty flat – actually a net downhill of 60 feet it says. It actually uses a little bit of the paths that Christian and I rode bicycles on last August. I am thinking of registering for it. It would give me plenty of time to recover from Surf City, and it would give me a 2nd chance to qualify for Boston in case I do not qualify at Surf City. And registering for it, before running Surf City will ensure that I do not finish my marathon and then go home and pig out for a couple of months. (This is what I have done after most of my other marathons.)

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  1. Dale
    I agree with your ideas for the LA Marathon. They are really messing up a great race with all these course and date changes. I expect a low turnout this year. Now LA and OC are so close together, racers will be split. I think you are smart to choose OC. It is a little earlier in the year and a better course. Two months to go before Surf City!
    Clay and I are booking that first weekend in January for a 10-13 mile tune up run on the aqueduct.
    Talk to you soon.

  2. Dale, I’m just about to sign up for Surf City… 8 per mile sounds good…. well

    Are you doing a long run this Sat, 6 Dec… 1et me know… My next will be Fri 12 Dec, then Wed 24 Dec

    Send me an e-mail.

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