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Sunday Marathon Pace 10 miler

This morning I had quite a bit of hesitancy about getting out of bed and getting my run started. Both thighs were still experiencing a little bit of residual soreness from Friday’s 20 miler. It was during my last hesitancy, as I was putting on some gloves, my wife asked about my thoughts. She said, “What are your thoughts right now. Are you eager to go out and run in the cold?” I said, I am not always so eager to get started, but I am always glad I did it, when I’m done.  With that I headed out the door. I walked a half mile and jumped into my marathon pace run.

It turned out that this mornings run went easier than my last MP run 2 weeks ago. Last time I struggled to maintain and even fell a couple hundred feet behind before I caught up in the last couple of miles.  My run to church is mostly flat, but it has a net downhill so I should not struggle to maintain my marathon pace. Today, I didn’t.

Here’s the numbers:  10 miles in 1:18:17 for a 7:49 average pace.

Total for the week (my training week ends on Sunday) – 44 miles running and 24 on the bike.


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