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Fast Finish #3 – 20miles

Here was the plan: 10 miles easy – 8:45 pace, then 8 miles marathon pace – 8:00, and then 2 more faster…

I started around 1:20 on the aquaduct at 60th St west, heading East. I ran all the way to where the aquaduct goes underground by highland and there I turned around.  Since my marathon has a hill which I have to go over twice during the early miles, I decided to work in a little hill during the early miles of this run. About 3 miles from 60th there is a rise above the aquaduct on the paved side, which my team calls Mt. Rite Aid. (You can see Rite Aid and the Rancho Vista stores from there.) The path from the aquaduct to the top is .25 miles so I went up it on the way out and again on the way back. On the way out, I was thinking to myself that it was a little warm and maybe a little breezy but not too bad. On the way back, the warmth was not an issue, but the wind became increasingly difficult depending on exactly which way I was headed at the moment.

Here are my splits for the first 10 “easy” miles:
8:59, 8:23, 8:48 (included Mt Rite Aid), 8:24, 8:28, 8:52 (included Mt Rite Aid going back), 8:39, 8:45, 8:39 and 8:41. Miles 4.5 – 10 were fighting the wind. 10 mile split was 1:26:41 for an 8:40 pace.

At mile 10 I sped up to marathon race pace as I continued fighting the wind going northwestward. My 8 miles marathon pace splits were:
7:57, 8:04, 8:09, 8:10, 7:41 (I turned around half way through this split), 7:55, 8:00, 8:00 (I expected a little help from the wind after the turn around but I did not seem to get much, whenever the path went south I was still partially fighting the wind. The total for these 8 miles was 1:04:07 for an average of 8:01 per mile – just 1 second off of my marathon goal pace.

The last two miles were 7:37 and 7:10 Woo Hoo!

Total Time for 20 miles was 2:45:35 for an average pace of 8:16.

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  1. Dale, Very nice finish… what a great effort! I think a 3.30 marathon is in order. we’ll have to talk about your beeping Garmin watch!

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