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Double track workout Hillview and HDR

This morning I coached the Hillview track workout. My participation was only the 1 mile warm up, an easy 800 in the middle and the 1 mile cool down.

This evening I led the High Desert Runners Track workout. Last week we did a long workout: 8 x 800, so this week we went shorter: 6 x 600. I stole the idea from one of Pfitzinger’s schedules….

The crowd was somewhat small. Clay, Dave and all of the triathlete people were gone. Neil, Vanessa, Charity, Rodrigo, Juan (Vanessa’s dad out for the first time), Alan and myself were there along with a new lady named Francis. There was also a man named Jim who joined in for a while….

In an attempt to even out the time – Neil did 700s. I think he said he was around 2:10 on them.  Vanessa and Rodrigo seemed to finish near each other and way ahead of me around 2:05 -2:10 each. Wow – Vanessa’s getting fast – she was running at 5:35 a mile!!

My splits were: 2:17, 2:19, 2:21, 2:19, 2:20, 2:17
average 2:19 = 6:12 pace!! No wonder why they felt so hard!

Coming in with me or right behind me each time was Charity. Francis finished each around 2:30, and Alan was usually right behind her. Juan and Jim came in after…

I totaled 7 miles with an extended warm up.

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  1. The Hillview kids did a 1600, a 800, a 400, and a 200…
    The 6 x 600 was stolen from Pfitzinger’s schedules. The idea as I saw it was to alternate the extra long speed work of last week 8 x 800 and the probable 10 x 800 of next week with something that was shorter and faster…. Also it was more in line with the particular group of people who were there. Only Neil, perhaps, should have done more, but even he does not train with very much mileage….

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