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Fast Finish Number #2

Friday morning I headed up to the aquaduct for my 2nd Fast finish long run in my current training cycle.  It was 10 miles easy, followed by 6 at marathon goal pace and then 2 more faster..

My 10 mile split was 1:26:08 for an 8:37 average pace — in the wind!
The next 6 were: 7:58 (wind hindered), 7:48 (wind hindered), 7:38, 7:40, 7:23, 7:25
The last 2 were: 7:17, 7:05
Total Last 8: 1:00:14 – 7:32 pace

There were times where the wind was difinitely holding me back, like miles 11 and 12, but the times where I felt like it was helping was just on occasional bursts here and there. The wind was coming from the north east, so It was perpendicular to the aquaduct for most of the time…

Overall, I was pleased with the outcome of this workout, as the last Fast Finish Long run did not go as well….

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  1. Sounds like a good run in some not so great conditions. Do you feel ready to run under 3:20? I can’t wait to see what happens.

  2. I talked to Ray this morning and he asked if you were ready to go under 3:20. I said most definitely.

  3. Your picture big and colorful is in the AV Press today, you had Vanessa right in front of you at the Poppy Reserve run.

  4. I am cautiously optimistic about 3:20….
    Thanks for your confidence in me…

    I saw the picture this morning. One of my friends brought it to church and gave it to me…

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