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Another 20 miler

This afternoon I ran from my house to Marie Kerr park with lots of loops.
I had run 4 miles by the time I reached 25th and Rancho Vista Blvd. and I was deciding, on the run, how to best get my miles in while fighting the 20 mph winds. I turned left on 25th and headed to 30th and decided to try a 2 mile road loop. RV blvd, 30th West, P-8 (aka Bulldog ave, next to Highland High) and 25th West. The loop was 2 miles so I figured I could do 8 of them and finish my run. Running West on RV blvd was into the wind, but the houses and trees protected me fairly well. Running South on 30th was into the wind and uphill. Running East on P-8 was with the wind and downhill. Running North on 25th is slightly downhill and there was a little help from the wind. Since the run was broken into 2 mile loops I figured out my 2 mile splits:
Miles 1-2:    16:39
Miles 3-4:    16:37
Miles 5-6:    16:32
Miles 7-8:    16:39
Miles 9-10   16:50
Miles 11-12 16:54
Miles 13-14 17:05
Miles 15-16 16:50
Miles 17-18 17:02
Miles 19-20 16:41

Total time for this run was 2:48 flat for an 8:24 pace. Certainly my fastest average pace on a long run (except the fast finish long runs.) I was a bit suprised by the pace I was maintaining, as I started the run feeling lethargic and not recovered from the riding and running earlier in the week.

Upon reaching the park, Cheryl and I walked another 1.25 miles for my cooldown.

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