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4 Days in the doldrums

I had a good run on Thursday….

but Friday I took my kids to Mt. SAC.  We had a good day some of them came home with some bling! A couple of firsts in field events! I got home and rested just a bit before hosting my Friday night small group study – The Truth Project. Saturday morning I went to Quartz Hill High to watch my former athletes compete in the Michell Perry Invitational. I even say Zack run the anchor leg of a 4 x 800 relay – Unfortunately, his team left him too far behind to catch anyone. I left the meet just in time to head to wedding where I spent the rest of my day.

The plan for Sunday was to run to church at marathon pace, but I was just feeling too exhausted, (or lazy?) Even Monday’s practice ended up canceled due a staff meeting and I followed that up with errands all over town. By the time I got home I had a pretty good sinus headache. Normally when my allergies bring thes on, and Advil does the trick, but not this time…

On top of all the above I must admit that my right foot has been aching again. For any reader unaware of the history, I was sidelined at the end of 2007 for a couple months with an achy right foot, plantar fasciitis in the left foot and pain in both hip adductors/lower abs. The foot issues have never been an issue during a run itself, they show up at other times. The adductor/ab pain had become so prevelent that I had to stop running for awhile.  Anyway, with Clay’s help I have improved tremendously in all 3 areas, but none have completely gone away. The right foot achiness comes and goes, and I think there have been months when it was more or less gone. The hip adductor/ab is only felt when I am truly exhausted, like the end of my longest runs and when I get too aggresive with core excercises.

Anyway, the last week or two the right foot has been pretty achy… arghh…
As I write this, it seems a little better today. Keep in mind that this achiness, is not a sharp pain. I feel it most when at rest in my recliner. It exists on the top and outside of the foot. There is no spot where you can press and I say “ouch.”  There is no visible swelling. I think it is a tightness issue….

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  1. I think it is a tightness issue and a strength issue which affects the lumbar spine and disks. Could be time for a tune up.

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