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Lake LA 5K

On Thursday I noticed that there was a 5K in Lake Los Angeles and that they were offering free entries to kids under 18 years of age. I ran copies of their flyer and handed it out to my kids hoping some would race it. Of course since some of my team might go, I had to go.  As it turned out, nobody from my team made it. I sat in my car until 15 minutes before race time debating whether to run it or not, after all I’m a little sore from Thursdays fast finish long run.  I saw that there were very few runners, so I thought as long as I was out there I might as well make a tempo workout out of it.

The only competition looked like a guy named John from Rosamond……

John took off from the start and I did not try to stay with him. I eased into a 2:2 breathing pattern and headed down the road – in 2nd place  That is where I stayed – finishing in 23:37. My heart and lungs ran it like a race, but my legs did not have anything.   Alan Brown was 3rd about 1 1/2 minutes behind me. The course was not a fast course – about half of it was cross country and the other half was into a headwind….

I also ran about 1/2 miles to warm up and 1 1/2 to cool down…

I came home with a rather large trophy

: )
Oh btw… I restarted running in my orthotics – until Thursday. They gave me blisters. 1 on the top (?) of my left foot and 1 on the inner heel of the right….

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  1. Be careful Dale…we only have a few weeks until OC. Lets make it to the starting line in one piece. You never needed those orthotics before, why add them now. I guess you just figured that one out. In the next 3 weeks, no new shoes, no trail runs, no unnecessary hard workouts. Its too late now. You can’t cram for a marathon. So on the 3rd we can have some fun.

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