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Article in the AV Press

As my readers know, two of my students ran in the LA Marathon. One of them, Brandon Ehsrati, had an article about him and his race in the AV Press this morning.  Click Here for the article!

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  1. I read the article and the quote ” he’s always running”
    it can’t be true cause i didn’t read about you running this weekend. What happened?
    thought we lost you.
    Glad your back is doing better.
    Enjoy the taper.

  2. Thanks for the concern. The back thing was a little scary, but I felt continuous improvement all along. I knew it would just take a few days to relax….

    Anyone want to do a 5 mile MP run Thursday at 6?

  3. Dalel, you are crazy! Take it easy and enjoy your taper would ya! That crazy Dale, he’s always running.
    When do you leave for Boston? We’re looking forward to following your progress at work on Monday!

  4. Thank you for posting the article…..I enjoyed reading it. I will be on the aqueduct Thursday morning at 6am.

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