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The Totally AV Fair WAVE Race!!

This is my next project!  I met today with the Deputy Director of the AV Fair and discussed plans to hold a race there! She was totally supportive!  She will be meeting with the other Fair officials later this week and she will get back to me, but she could not imagine what problems there would be…..

Here is my plan as it stands now:

Date: Saturday – August 21st
Location: AV Fairgrounds
Details: We will have a fun and unusual event. The race will be 4 miles long. It will consist of two – 2 mile loops that are entirely on the fairgrounds property. It will have a handicapped or WAVE start – your start time depends on your age and gender. Since there is a handicapped starting system in place, there should not be much lapping – (except perhaps for some walkers…)

Perhaps we should offer two events: The WAVE race and a seperate 2 mile WAVE WALK.  hmmmm…… plus of course a kids race…..

Participants would each receive a free ticket to the fair.  The fair will also donate prized for our raffle including concert tickets!

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  1. Sounds like a good plan. Glad to hear that the Deputy Fair Director was so supportive! Hopefully everything goes as well with the other Fair officials. Running the entire race on the fairgrounds is a great idea! That is what the OC Marathon did for their kids race. The entire race was on the OC Fairgrounds the Saturday before the marathon.

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