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Month: June 2010

Anniversary Tuesday

Cheryl and I are not big on interrupting our schedules to celebrate special days. Typically, dinners out and such are scheduled at the nearest convenient time rather than necessarily on […]

Monday 5 at 6

Chuck and I ran a nice easy 5 miler at 6 Monday morning….. nothing exciting about it…. Today’s miles 5 Weekly total 5 miles June total 208 miles 2010 total […]

Easy 10 – repeat

Another Sunday – another 10 miles. Today the energy level felt a little better. Chuck and I did the 10 – easy – in 1:24:52. Today’s miles 10 Weekly total […]

Easy 10

Chuck and I did an easy 10 on the aqueduct this morning. Again, I am feeling the effects of weight loss. About 2 miles into the run I started to […]

Thursday am I am a miler…..

This morning, since the first High Desert runners XC series race is tonight, and since Chuck is focusing on the 5K next week, we decided to cut the mile repeats […]

Wednesday Night Bike Ride!!

Last summer I rode with the group from Block Bikes most every Wednesday night. The rides are around 20 miles at a relatively easy pace of 10-12 mph. Last night […]

Hill Repeats

Wednesday morning I met the kids at Marie Kerr Park for our XC practice. I had two more new kids show up! We ran from the park over to P-12, […]


Thursday, after my 10K workout that did not go as well as I wanted, I started experiencing sinus infection symptoms – runny nose, lots of sneezing, etc. So, I figured […]

On the road to Jamba – la

I could also have titled today’s run “Reaching the Picket Fence.” I’d have to explain the picket fence, though…….. hmmm, let’s see if anyone can figure out what picket fence […]

another 10K workout

Chuck and I met on the aqueduct for our weekly Thursday morning 10K workout. Only this time Karl, Zac and Clay also joined in. The plan was to do a […]

Tough Tuesday

7:30 am – Marie Kerr Park – 30+ students, 2 teachers, and a couple of moms show up for a  workout. So I gave them one!  We ran south on […]

10 days in a row…..

Today, I woke up and my blackberry calendar said I had nothing to do! Of course, it does not have my running calendar programmed into it….hmmmm… Anyway, I met Chuck […]