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Wednesday Night Bike Ride!!

Last summer I rode with the group from Block Bikes most every Wednesday night. The rides are around 20 miles at a relatively easy pace of 10-12 mph. Last night was the first time I was able to join them this summer. Cheryl and I took our  tandem and we made the ride. The route took us from Lancaster City Park through the neighborhoods to Lancaster Blvd, and then over to the fairgrounds. From there we headed south (generally) until we stopped at the convenience store at J8 and 20th west. Then we continued zig zagging south until we got to the dog park at 30th west near M. Then we headed back to the park N ride. The total was 20 miles in about 1:52.  On the tandem we had to work pretty hard at times to keep up – that is whenever we were headed south. I think with two bodies on a bike, it is like riding with a bigger sail. If there is wind it seems to affect us more. The last part of the ride was downwind and we were able to fly by the others!

When I got home I noticed that my daughter had texted me. “Did you go for a bike ride tonight?”  She had seen us go by – while she was at the skating center on 23rd west. She said her friends said “What in the world?” and my daughter answered, oh that is probably just my dad riding with a bunch of friends….

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