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End of June!

I finished the month of June with another Hillview XC practice. As has been our pattern the last few weeks – Wednesdays is hill repeat day. We warm up running from Marie Kerr south on 30th, past Cottonwood Elementary (behind Highland High) to P-12. Then we do repeats, making a left on the first aquaduct access road. We did 6 repeats of 30 seconds this time. We then jogged along the short section of the aqueduct and down the access road to the paved road leading back to the unconstructed housing area. At this point I was looking up the access road on the North side. We were waiting for a half a dozen stragglers, so I said okay team, one more repeat – All the way up this one!  About half way up, I remember saying wow! That one is as steep as the Pelona Vista course and probably just as tall!  Anyway, it was a nice workout. We finished up with a set of ab-killers..

Later in the evening, I joined the block bike group ride around Lancaster. It was longer than last week – approximately 27 miles.
Cycling total for June = 47 miles

Today’s weight 171.4 – I seem to be stuck…

Today’s miles 4
Weekly total 20 miles
June FINAL total 223 miles
2010 total – 1188

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  1. Sorry I missed you Wed night. I was sitting at work waiting for my kids to pick me up with the bikes and they called me to tell me I had the key to unlock the bikes from the rafters. Oops.

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