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14 for the 4th….. more cross training

Day #2 of the Tour De France Block Bike challenge. I knew going in that Sundays would be the toughest to get in some bike miles.  I run in the morning and then head to church. Afterwards, this time of year…. it’s hot! Still, at 6:15 I headed out the door for the prescribed 14 miles. I figured I would go to Hillview and back and add a couple of miles somewhere. As I neared Highland High, I changed plans. I headed up P-12 to take the path up to the aquaduct. That particular access, from P-12 heading North on the aquaduct is a killer hill. This is the same one we ran as a hill sprint the other day! I don’t think I have ridden up it before. I was standing and switchbacking it, but I made it up on my road bike! Once on the aquaduct, I realized my mistake. It was windy! I fought the wind all the way to 60th west and then turned around for a very speedy return trip!

Day #2 – 14 miles in 1:06:20
Weekly Total 47.5 miles

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