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Tour day #3

Today’s assignment was 12.5 miles. Cheryl and I boarded the tandem cruiser and headed out at about 6:00 am. The weather was excellent! We rode past Marie Kerr and were headed west on Towncenter when I detected a squishy front tire. We turned and head back toward the Chevron but by the time we made it there it was completely flat AND I had forgotten my tools (and air adapter.) So we walked it home – 3+ miles. By the time we got there it was getting warm which affected Cheryl – but we made it.

So, in the evening around 6 pm I had to head back out and get the rest of my miles. I finished at my van – in the Jo Anne’s parking lot. I’m here updating my blog on my blackberry and enjoying the ballgame on the radio.

Tomorrow I run! Chuck and I will be at Joe Walker at 6 for 6 x 800 in case anyone is interested in some intervals.

Today’s Weight 175 ?? I have not been that bad! I realize the 169.8 that one day was a fluke- probaby, I was dehydrated….

Todays rides: 14.5 miles plus some walking…..

Late addition: 20 minutes in the pool. We did figure 8s. 10 minutes just easy warming up and sweeping up the floating debris (leaves.) Then we did 10 more minutes. On each figure 8, I would do an underwater version of one of the form drills, the length of the pool, turn and run up the other side easy, drill down the middle, turn and run up the other side easy…. Each drill would be repeated for 2 figure 8s… nothing too stenuous but it felt good to be working the legs that way…..

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