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Morning Blues

I met Chuck at Joe Walker to do some 800s this morning. My first was 3:22, which is not to unusual for a first interval in the early morning. The last half of the last interval, however, I felt not quite dizzy – a little light headed. The next few intervals were worse – around 3:30 or so. After sticking it out for four repeats. We called it quits.

I am fairly certain the cause for the speed problem is energy related. I have been dieting by limiting calorie intake, especially later in the day. Yesterday we had dinner at about 2 pm. Cheryl made me a smoothie before last evenings bike ride, but then I came home and worked the pool. I had a yogurt before going to be in hopes of replenishing the energy stores, but it was clearly insufficient. I either need to fine tune when and how I take in energy, so that I have ample energy to work out…. Or I need to ignore the clock until I am done dieting……

Next I went over to Marie Kerr to coach the team workout. We started with two laps around the park and then the kids did some partner tortures. Partner tortures are fun at the park. I choose running routes that go over picnic tables and playground equipment! I ate an energy bar between the Joe Walker workout and the warm up at Marie Kerr. It did not help. I ran at 10 min pace…. I saw Neil Small at the park – he offered me a donut. I was very tempted, but I passed.

After practice, I went home and had a banana. I got on my road bike and headed out for the Tour De France ride. Today 13.2 was on the list. Energy wise, I was fine for the ride. I headed from my house North on Sierra Hwy to Lancaster Blvd. I then wandered about a bit, making my way back to CVS at 10th and K. At one point, I was riding on Ave J and realized that I was close to AV Physical Therapy. Clay and Karl both work there and spend much of their time working with patients in a large room at the back – their gym. It has lots of windows facing their back parking lot. I circled through the lot and waved at the windows. I could not see in to see if anyone inside had noticed me….. The ride went well…. 14.5 miles – 14.8 mph

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  1. I really enjoyed running intervals. It had been over 5 years since I was on a track! Thank you for getting me out there.

    You may want to reconsider your planned track workout on Tuesday mornings. Running two track workouts a day while focusing on weight lost might be a bit much?

  2. Dale, I was in the gym when you rode by. I waved back but realized that you probably couldn’t see me. If you ride by on Tues or Thurs again stop in and say hello! See you Thursday night!

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