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Morning XC practice and evening Block Tour de France Ride

This morning I woke up at 5, I weighed myself and then went to the kitchen. I had a bowl of granola in yogurt. Then I went back to bed. I woke up again at 6:30 and got ready for 7:30 practice at Marie Kerr. We did our usual run behind Highland and then short repeats up the hill! Today, we did ultra short repeats of 10s each. It took 12 repeats to get to the the aquaduct. We ran down and then did the mega hill repeat up the aquaduct path heading north from P12. The total run was 3.5. I did not feel lightheaded, but then again, I have not been having problems with this workout as there a lot of stops in it!

Pastor wanted to meet with me at lunch today. He took me to Souplantation. I had a huge salad, but chose the low calorie dressing, so maybe I did not do too bad. Of course having a larger lunch left me kind of full still at our 5 pm dinner so dinner was pretty light.

After dinner I rode from my house to my church. I made a big S through the industrial area by the auto mall. North to Mulligans, right to Embassy Suites, right to Holiday Inn, left behind the Inn and left through the auto mall back to Technology drive. Then I went under the freeway, through the transportation center and south on 6th street to R, right, left and south on 5th street to S. The southerly sections were rough due to a headwind. From R to S was especially tough with the headwind and a pretty significant climb. At Ave S, my climb was rewarded with 2 screaming fast miles downhill and downwind to 25th east. I made a left and then Right on R to my church. It was an enjoyable ride of 10.5 miles in 44:31 – about 14.2 miles per hour.

After Bible study, as we were putting away our trailer (we had it open today preparing for a little camping trip next week) I was getting that light headed feeling. Good thing I did not need to go run!

Today’s weight: 173.6
Today’s cycling miles 10.5
Today’s running miles 3.5
Weekly total 18 miles
July total 45 miles
2010 total – 1233

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