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A late night ride and rescue

I decided to join the block bikes people for their Wednesday night ride. We met at Lancaster City Park, as usual and we headed out. There were quite a bit more people here this time, than when I went a couple of weeks ago. There were quite a few kids on single speed, small bikes. I worried that they would not keep up, but they did okay. One guy in particular was quite good at stunts. He would ride along, jump over his handlebar with his right foot landing on an extended axle. He would use his left foot to push the front wheel continuing his forward motion. He’d stay there for about 5 seconds then hop back over to the seat….. amazing.

At one point we took the Ave H freeway overpass and then the Ave H, Sierra Hwy/railroad overpass. This caused some riders to get pretty far behind. Eventually we stopped and they all got caught up. We took a break by the east Lancaster Walmart and then headed back. Our leader (not our usual leader) said, “we’re rolling” and hopped on his bike and started riding off. Many were not quite ready to go, so we immediately got quite strung out. He headed west on Ave J for awhile. Several of us stopped to hold traffic so that everyone could cross 15th, but the back group was too far back already. The next light was longer and everyone barely caught up. I rode ahead and caught the leader to tell him that people were having a hard time keeping up. I held traffic at another light, and once again the back part was too far back to make it. I rode ahead and told the leader and he said that he was going as slow as he thought he should and that they should be able to keep up if they go on these rides.

A little later, the last group of a 60ish lady and a male and female about 50, and one experienced rider who was shepherding them fell too far back to maintain contact. I learned that the main pack was heading for the Ave L overpass so I rode back to the group and suggested a detour back to Ave K to avoid the hill. The older lady made to about the bowling alley before she just gave out. Her legs were cramping and seizing and she could go no farther. I took the K-8 bike path from there to the park and ride and got my van. I realized that there were 4 people and their bikes waiting for me so I asked the other riders (who were all back by now) if they were waiting for someone who had not yet returned. One group said yes, and so I got a lady from that group to follow me with her car and bike rack. We picked up the 3 riders (the experienced guy rode on in on his own.) and got everyone back to the park and ride.

I ended up with a little more than 20 miles for the evening, with a number of good sprints as I ran traffic breaks and then sprinted back to the front of the group.

Today’s Cycling 13.6 + 20.7 = 34.30
Cycling this week: 49.60   — Cycling last week: 78.2
Cycling this month: 148 — Cycling this year: 267

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