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1st Place High Desert Runners Summer XC Series!!

Each summer, I enjoy competing in the summer XC series as it a barometer of my fitness from year to year.  Since it is a series of races, you can look at your best from each series and know if you are still improving. If you were trying to do the same based on a given race, there are too many variables that could effect the outcome of that one race and so you do not have as accurate a measure.

Anyway, I entered the finale of the summer HDR – XC series already confident that I had improved upon last year. Last year I was consistently between 23:19 and 23:27 until the Saturday morning finale which i ran in 22:24.  This year I got faster as the summer went along: 23:46, 22:56, 22:06, 22:59. The last 3 were all faster than any Thursday night from last year. The 22:06, was of course, a PR. So as I said, I entered today’s race thinking that 22:00 would be nice, but I really just wanted to win!  Sure enough, I just missed the 22:00 with a 22:10, but I won!   My first mile was not quite as fast as the first mile of my PR race a couple of weeks ago. Clay was out there and he yelled that I was 5 seconds behind. After two, he yelled that I had caught up, but he was a few seconds ahead of the 2 mile marker so I am not sure I really had… So basically I stayed 5 seconds behind the PR pace of a couple weeks ago.  In retrospect, I believe those 5 seconds were lost in the very beginning. I jumped pretty good off the line but even before the gate many people were passing me.

I think I will blame it on Alan, all the other races had a one mile race which most of us use as a warm up. Today he had a one mile warm up run, and then had a 12 and under 1 mile race, then he had the 3 mile. So, there was too much time between the warm up and the race. This is probably why I was sluggish through that first half mile……

Oh well, It was a good morning! Like I said, I won 1st place and almost set another PR!!  (Thanks to Jorge Rodas – who is in my age group and beat me every Thursday night, all summer – for not being there today)

Yesterday, by the way, I rested…… no run…. no bike ride….but I did weigh myself
Yesterday’s Weight – 166.2

Today’s cycling 0 miles
This Week cycling 81 miles
August cycling 81 miles
2010 Cycling — 544

Today’s total miles – 4 miles
This week – 20.5 miles
August Total: 30.5 miles
2010: 1394 (includes 14 pool)

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  1. Great job! Congratulations on your victory! This course is an excellent measure of your fitness level. It was very challenging and spectator friendly. You appeared to be running smooth and relaxed each time I saw you. Based on your times compared to last year, and the new leaner Dale I am expecting some PR’s later this year. Way to go Dale!

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