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Long Run – Longer Ride

After yesterday’s trail run, I thought I would see if I could do 15 this morning. I couldn’t – well I probably could have, but i was tightening up in th lower abs and right buttocks. So after 10 in 1:26:36, I quit.

After church I decided to “make up” for my early finish. I hopped on my road bike and I rode my big clockwise loop to ave S. That is: my house, past Highland, behind the mall, behind Walmart, O to Sierra and 6th and 5th uphill to ave S. Then I went east to Dry Town. I looped through the parking lot and headed West on R-12 and R-8 back to 6th, back to Sierra Highway. Finally I headed North to Ave K and West to 10th West. There I caught up with Cheryl and finished my ride….1:44:23 – 15.5 ave MPH …. When I was getting ready to leave my house for the ride, I had to estimate when I would get to the finish…. I had not measured it on mapmyrun, I had just estimated.  I told Cheryl I would be there about 3:30.  I rolled in at 3:31…..

Today’s cycling 27 miles
This Week cycling 60.5 miles
August cycling 151.5 miles
2010 Cycling — 605

Today’s total miles – 10 miles
This week – 46 miles
August Total: 91.5 miles
2010: 1455 (includes 14 pool)

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  1. Your company at 5am was very much appreciated. You made the smart decision to stop after 10 miles. There was no reason to risk injury. Great job getting out and burning extra calories on the bike. I really enjoyed your story about the pig & the queen. What was the name of that country again?

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