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One Quarter Weekend

Century- that is….. Chuck, Lauren and I met at 6 Saturday for an easy 10 miles. Most of it was easy, but the last mile or so, Lauren started to accelerate. She said it was the bugs, but we picked up our 8:30 ish miles and finished with around 7:45 for the last one. Hmmmm, maybe it was the company….
Lauren, btw, is new to the AV. I met her at the AV Fair Wave Race.

Sunday, Chuck and I met for more…. 15 more at around a 9:00 pace. It was very windy out there – but at least the bugs weren’t a problem.

On a side note – yesterday I purchased an exercise bike at a yard sale. I figured it would be fun to ride it while playing Wii. The Wii game has a virtual run game activated by the up and down motion of the remote. It worked great except the leg turnover on the bike was Very Slow compared to running in place. I made my way around the island a bit but all the little Wii characters kept passing me like I was a toddler on a tricycle. They would look over their shoulder and give me a funny “you are so slow” look. It was very annoying.

This weekend’s cycling 3 miles

This weekent’s running – 25 miles
This week – 49 miles
August Total: 164.5 miles
1528 (includes 19 pool)

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