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Hills for Thursday

I pulled up in front of Clay’s house this morning and waited. A few minutes later I saw a solitary figure running up the street in my rear view mirror. I wondered to myself if Clay had set out for some extra warm up. Then the porch light came on at Clay’s house, so I thought. Nope, must be someone else. This stranger approached on the opposite side of the road then swooped over to my car. It was Karl! It was a nice surprise for Karl to come and join us!

Shortly thereafter, Clay appeared and we were on out way for Clay’s Thursday morning hill workout. We did our 1 1/4 warm up and the first half mile hill. Karl pulled away. Clay waved bye to him as he did. Clay took it relatively easy on this one and I stayed close: 3:56. On the next one, from M to M8, which gets quite steep, I took off fast, but in no time at all Clay and Karl both pulled quite far ahead. This time I waved to the backs of my speedy friends. I wondered if Clay was having a good day or am I not recovered from Saturday’s 10 miler. It was both. Clay set a new PR for the hill in 3:35 and my 4:19 was quite a bit slower than my speediest from two weeks ago (3:57.) On the 3rd hill Karl and Clay seemed to vanish into the darkness as Clay did a 3:19 and I ran 3:36. We gathered together for one more go, and we were both better. Clay still ran away as he did another PR in 3:12 while I ran a 3:26 – only 6 seconds off of my best. On the way back Karl headed down M-8 to his house while Clay and I looped back toward his. 6 miles in 51 minutes.

After school another crowd of kids met me for a run. I had another teacher to help me – Connie Graham – a long time runner. We headed around the school and down to N8 for hill sprints. The kids did them in 30s spurts. I ran them fairly easy figuring I had already pushed enough for the day. 2.5 miles in 25 minutes (includes some walking between “sprints.”

Today’s Miles 8.5
This Week 30
October 178
2010 1918 (includes 22 pool)

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