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Another Day

Today, I got up early and met my friend Christian, in front of my house and we rode bicycles to school. Each trip is 6 miles. It was 28 degrees in the morning, but with enough layers, I didn’t think it was too bad. Our plan is to ride on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This helps me to burn a few extra calories and get some valuable cross training.

As I rode I concentrated on using my ankles / calves to pull through the bottom of the stroke. This was not to ride faster, but to strengthen the ankle – especially the right one, which has been a problem area for some time now. I think it will help.

As for the blog Title, The full title is Another Day, Another Award.  At noon, I received a message that someone named Debbie had called for me. The message was: “Please come to Rancho Vista at 6:30 tonight. You are being given an award.” Rancho Vista is the Elementary School next door to Hillview. Their 6th graders participate in my cross country program. I returned the call and told them that I would make it. I did not know who was having a meeting or what kind of award it could be. My guess was PTA. Sure enough, the meeting was for the District Chapter of the PTA. Each year they honor someone from the schools or community for their service to children. This year they chose to honor me! How about that?

I got a nice certificate and some flowers. Cheryl, quickly took possession of the flowers.

Today’ Cycling – 12 miles
Cycling YTD – 12 miles
Today’s Running Miles  0
This Week 24
February 123
2011 Miles – 320

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