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I go to school for my 3 Rs….

Three Rs —- I never could figure that one out. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic?  That’s an R, a W and an A. Unless you get away with some spelling that would be bad even for me: reading, riting, rithmetic…. It just doesn’t work.  They should change the order and call it WAR!  (Middle school teachers will appreciate that one!)

My 3 Rs, however really are Rs….. We have Riding to school on my bike, Running with the kids after school and Riding again to get back home! It was a nice easy bike ride both ways. The run was a difficult one. Not the course, just that it felt like a recovery run. We ran from the school down to Ave N, down N to 45th, up 45th and down Bolz Ranch, Up Towncenter and up Rancho Vista back to the school. We were quite spread out by the time we finished and I was one of the latter finishers. I commented to one of the kids mid-run, “This happens every year, and every year I am surprised!”  When track season comes around, the slower kids have typically quit practicing cept on the “Easy days” and the rest of the kids are just faster than me – for a couple of miles anyway. So, while in Cross Country season I am typically in the top 1/3 of the team on a practice run, in track season I am always near the back – which is a good thing!

Some Nutty Runners News:  Tuesday night the Quartz Hill Chamber of Commerce president let me know that they were definitely not able to close Ave L8 for their parade. He stated that they almost had to cancel the parade, but when he pled his case to Superintendent Antonovich’s office, they stepped in and negotiated a more reasonable price to close the streets. So the Chamber is paying the Sherrifs for coverage and they are paying the county for setting up the closure. This morning, I figured if Antonovich’s office could help the Chamber maybe they will help us! So I called and explained that if Ave L8 was closed we had no place to have our run. I told them we expect 200 + runners and have more than 100 already registered. It would be a shame to cancel at this point. They deputy for our area of the county said no, he did not want us to cancel. He asked if we could afford anything to close the rest of the roads. I gave him a figure and pointed out that since this was a fundraiser it would be pointless to spend anymore. So, to get to the point, both the Sherriff’s office and the road department seem to want to help make sure we have all of the Nutty Runners race course!  Woo Hoo!

Today’ Cycling – 12 miles
Cycling YTD – 24 miles

Today’s Running Miles  4.5
This Week 13
February 136
2011 Miles – 333

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