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Back in the shop for repairs….

It has been a hectic week thus far and the next two days promise to be extra crazy with the Nutty Runners 5k about to happen!

Catching up on the last couple of days:

Wednesday I got up early and met Chuck and Lauren on the aqueduct for an easy 5 miler. I was still feeling a bit sore in the quads, and the right ankle/sciatica was present but we had a good run. Chuck times us at 40:40. Actually, Lauren was a bit quicker as she ran away from us at the end. I did not personally time us, because I have avoided resetting my watch after the 5k pr on Saturday.  :-0

Wednesday afternoon I visited Clay at Valley Physical Therapy to see if he could help me with this piriformis syndrome/ sciatica that has been bothering me. he, of course, found some muscle imbalances and some tightness, so I have my work cut out for me..

Today, Christian and I rode to school and back.  Christian was feeling a little bit more spry. What typically happens when Christian and I ride is that he gets on the bike with fresh legs and he pushes the pace. This ride every few days is his only workout, so he rides on fresh legs most days that we ride. I, on the other hand, am typically recovering from some race or killer running workout when I go ride. I just want to commute, enjoy the scenery and burn some calories. But I have to push to keep up with him. Of course, when we go for longer rides, there reaches a point, where it is no longer me trying to keep up. Anyway, Christian pushed the pace a bit today. Especially the last sprint up 15th west into the housing tract. This is only a quarter or so, but it is very steep. He cranked up in a big gear and I downshifted and spun up it. I did not catch him till the last little block.

After school, I did run with the kids. We did a 3 mile loop and followed that up with a few strides and some abwork. Typically we hold each of our ab exercises for 40s, but today I made them do it for 1 minute. The extra 20s was noticeable.

Okay, back to work on the race…. I have stuff to do… Current pre-registrations?  195.  (I think – we passed 190 this morning.)

Today’ Cycling – 12 miles
Cycling YTD – 60 miles

Two ay’s Running Miles  8.0
This Week 16
March 51
2011 Miles – 365

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