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Tandem Riding

Most years, the school’s spring break coincides with Easter so that I do not have to work on Good Friday. This year was the 2nd time that that has not been the case. As a matter of principal, I take the day off anyway. It just seems to me that the reason we have had a spring break, traditionally has been to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now the schools have a spring break just because it is spring.

So, as I said, I took the day off in remembrance of Good Friday. That of course, does not mean I cannot play. Cheryl and I decided that it was a perfect day for a ride on our tandem bike. We decided to take the bike down to Santa Clarita and go explore the bike trails around there. We wandered in the car wondering where to park and begin our ride. We ended up stopping at the shopping center where Clay, Neil and I ran the 5K on March 5th (My first on under 20 minutes.) We unloaded the bike and began our ride, by riding the 5k route to the bike path. We explored the bike paths west and north of there and also rode the one that heads towards Lyons road (near where the Santa Clarita 5K is held.) My goal was 20 miles and we ended up back at the car in 20.5! Cheryl and I both enjoyed the ride!

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