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HDR Tuesday Night Speed Work

First – Christian and I rode our bikes to school today. The ride to Hillview was entirely into a strong headwind. The wind and my dead legs made it difficult. After school and track practice (the kids did some Indian runs) I got on my bike and rode it to the area by the gym. I came to a stop with my right foot unclicked. I made a sharp left as I stopped, lost my balance and fell to the left. I am not sure how, but the outside of my right foot ended up with a line of cuts. Blood was running down to my sock. I had to go in the school office and clean and bandage myself for the ride home.

When I got to the track for the HDR workout I was feeling really sore. Probably mostly the workout yesterday, but I suppose the fall could have had a little to do with it. We warmed up as usual and did what I called the six pack workout. 6 reps of 2 minutes followed by 1 minute. Each rep had a 2 minute recovery. With each 2 minute lap I got my 400 meter split. They were all 1:45 – 1:48.

Justin Patananen was there doing his workout. He did a few things and then actually joined us for a few reps. It was cool to see him and Neil running out there in the front side by side. This Sunday each of them are running the Orange County Half marathon. After a couple of sets I pulled Justin Koo aside and suggested he notch up the workout a bit. On the 1 minute intervals he was running around 350 and on the 2 minutes he was running 600s. So I suggested he was probably getting too much recovery and that he do laps instead of minutes. So Justin then ran 800s at around 2:48, so he had 1:12 recovery. His 400s were around 75, so he had 1:45 recovery before the next 2oo.  He appreciated the extra attention and effort required to complete the workout.


Today’s Running Miles 6.5
This Week 6.5
April 109.5
2011 Miles – 555.5

This week’s cycling 12
Cycling Miles – 114.5

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  1. Sounds like there is going to be a nice group of runners from the A.V. in Orange County this Sunday. I’m looking forward to this weekend.

  2. So is this OC course better for a faster marathon time than the CIM course? Just checking…..did CIM in 2009 & 2010 and bq’d but want to bring my time down a it a fast course?

    • I do not think that OC is faster than CIM. I have done CIM as well and the net downhill and cool temps really help. Although in 2009. there was quite a headwind at times….. OC is pretty flat and should be fast.

  3. alright…that WAS NOT flat! That was hilly with a few flat miles…I ended up with a 3:45…and the heat…YIKES! I guess I wasn’t prepared for it and I confess…. I went out too fast! boo! I was holding well but not feeling well for 18 miles ( had the chills and yet I was taking in lots of fluid.) hmmmm anyhow didn’t hit my goal. But still planning to run Boston in 2012 if it doesn’t fill for the 2nd wave of sign ups. I’ll use my CIM time.

    • yup… definitely NOT FLAT… the previous version was considerably flatter. It ran on the other side of the bay at water level instead of all those mile up on the bluff rolling up and down. 3:45 is great considering the day and the course!

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