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mixing it up…..

1) rode to school again.
2) recovery run with the team.
3) rode home – felt really dead, probably the heat….
4) Tonight was the first Wednesday night  ride for the Cycology group.  Cheryl and I  headed to Lancaster City Park at 7:30 p.m. The weather was awesome. The hot  afternoon turned into a great evening.  We ended up riding 17 + miles.
5) Even though it was after 10 by the time we got home I decided to add a few exercises: Planks with elbows on the exercise ball 5 x 5 lifts each leg – 2 sets.  supine planks with feet on ball – 5 x 5 lifts each leg – 2 sets.  also some dead bugs…..

All this and the Angels are still on tv……
Yesterday, btw, I completed my first complete basket  of laundry laps.  This is where I take a very full basket of  clean clothes and put them away – 1 item at a time – while wearing an exercise band around my ankles.  I think it took close to 30 minutes…. (I did some val sliders afterward.)

  It is late I will figure totals next time….

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