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I don’t like the Burkhart Trail…..

Actually, it was a nice run. But if I go run in the mountains, if there is any hill climbing to do, I want to get it pretty much over with in the first half of the run, so I can enjoy a nice downhill second half. This is probably a remnant of all the backpacking and hiking I did as a kid. My boy scout troup was into ‘bagging’ peaks. So we would hike up a peak and then enjoy the much faster hike back down the hill.

The Burkhart trail starts at Devil’s Punchbowl is not a ‘peak bagging’ type of run. We started with a steep uphill for the first mile. Then we headed to the west and the trail seemed pretty level for quite a while. At one point, however, it occured to me that we were going down a pretty good downhill. Miguel was running with me and I commented that I did not like going downhill on the first half a run, because we were going to have to go back up anything we went down. At 4 miles we crossed a pretty little creek and then went up another crazy 1 mile uphill.  Checking the GPS elevation data now on my computer I am surprised to see that the creek crossing was actually lower in elevation that where we started! Coming back, the climb from the creek back up was VERY rough. 10 miles is farther than I have run in weeks and it was farther than Miguel has gone…. so, we walked some of the very steepest parts!

This afternoon I am heading off to the Sequoia’s for a few days, so I may not post again till Thursday….

Today’s run – 10 miles
This week – 23 miles
June – 52.5 miles
2011 – 678

Cycling this week – 3.5 miles plus various sprint efforts on the stationary bike
Cycling 2011 – 334

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