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Month: November 2011

Wednesday’s work

So today I got dressed out to run with my kids. We did a “follow the Lister” run for a mile and a half. We must have been going pretty […]

A very speedy workout!!

This had to be the fastest HDR speed workout ever! Ā I saw Neil arriving with Scott Acton and told Clay that it looks like Neil will have someone to chase […]

Coincidental Company

Last night I sent out a “last minute” email to see if anyone wanted to run an easy 5 at 7 am on the aqueduct. Dawn replied right away that […]

Easy 5 and some exercises

I headed over to the aqueduct this morning and ran an “easy” 5. The hamstring felt okay. The adductors are both sore – but it is a good sore — […]

Turkey Trot!!

A HUGE crowd gathered at the Lancaster YMCA this morning for the 3rd annual Turkey Trot. I got there about an hour early and when I checked in I was […]

Sunday long run

First – congratulations to Chuck for finishing yet another marathon! He ran Philadelphia this morning. I wonder how many of the 50 states he still has to go? I sent […]

Jamba Juice Run

First, I am sore…. the glutes/ hamstrings…. especially the right side. Not the tightness and pain soreness I have been fighting, but muscular soreness. It is probably Clay’s fault… šŸ™‚ […]

Two Tempos is a row?

Today I took my kids on one of our tougher, but more interesting runs – the Leap Frog Run. I believe I have described this before, but the run includes […]

5 miles more

I have missed running with Chuck and Dawn and Dave and Laura and …… on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I was not too sore from yesterdays 5 so I headed […]
5 miles more

A video of ME!

As Clay and I ran this morning we were discussing some LONG range race plans. I, of course am considering doing the Pacific Half Marathon. I did it in 2010 […]

Saturday morning long run!

Relatively speaking, off course…. I met Clay at Marie Kerr park this morning for an easy run. We ran the same route I typically do with my kids – our […]

3 in a row

Yesterday I ran again. I laced up and headed out with the Hillview kids. I think that they were getting a little stir crazy. Since the season had ended and […]