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Two Tempos is a row?

Today I took my kids on one of our tougher, but more interesting runs – the Leap Frog Run. I believe I have described this before, but the run includes a 1 mile warm up from Hillview into the nice houses on the north side of the golf course. Tournament drive has a series of very short cul de sac streets along it. We run from one end of the stretch of culdesacs to the other. We call it the leap from run, because if you fall to the back of the pack you have to “leap frog” the other runners by skipping the cul de sac. When I invented it, my goal was just to keep the slower runners in contact with the faster one. It turns out, however, that the better runners don’t like to leap frog. The pick up the pace an d make sure that they are never at the back of the pack. The medium runners and the slower ones try to get to the other end with the fewest leaps possible. The stretch takes me about 11 minutes so I am figuring it to be about a mile and a half. At the end we regroup and rest a bit and then we run quickly back through the same stretch.  I could not help it. Especially on the way back. I was the 6th one to finish – no”leaping” for me.

I also added a walk in the mall with Cheryl. We have developed the habit of going to the mall for walks. We do a lap around the inside of the mall including each of the big box stores. I figure it is about a mile and a half.

Oh, one more thing. I was watching Seinfeld and there was an episode that I found pretty funny. Here is a clip of the funny part…


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