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Jamba Juice Run

First, I am sore…. the glutes/ hamstrings…. especially the right side. Not the tightness and pain soreness I have been fighting, but muscular soreness. It is probably Clay’s fault… 🙂   I have returned to AV Physical Therapy. Clay has had me working on inner core strength and posterior chain strength. Between the squats and reverse lunge kettlebell lifts I am feelining it in my right hammy and glute. Of course the tempo effort running could just maybe also have a little to do with it…..

So, in spite of the soreness, I ran to Jamba Juice with the team. It went pretty well. Once I was warmed up I was feeling okay and the length of the run did not seem to be a problem. We even had a huge tailwind to help us on our way! After the run I headed over to Clay’s for some more torture.

Today, I decided to have a recovery day!

Tomorrow I am planning on 7 at 7. (7 miles, maybe 8 at 7 am on the aqueduct by Ave S)

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