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Sunday long run

First – congratulations to Chuck for finishing yet another marathon! He ran Philadelphia this morning. I wonder how many of the 50 states he still has to go?

I sent out an email inviting some friends to run a “7 at 7” run. At 7 am I was standing on the aqueduct alone. I considered postponing, but not for long. I thought it was going to be windy, but as I headed northwest I was surprised at the relative calm. My right hamstring/ glute however really had a hard time loosening up. At the turnaround I discovered the reason for the apparent lack of wind. I had been running with it!
On the way back I had to fight a headwind – though not a particularly hard one. The hamstring and lower abs still seemed to be fighting my desire to run. I continued stiff and clunky back toward the car. Because of the clunkiness, I stopped at 5 miles.
I know it is still very early, but I am having doubts about being ready for Boston. I am thinking that I do not want to spend that much money if I am not ready to run it well. Furthermore, now it is looking like I will be making a trip to New York in 2012 as well….. Daniel is getting married!

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