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Coincidental Company

Last night I sent out a “last minute” email to see if anyone wanted to run an easy 5 at 7 am on the aqueduct. Dawn replied right away that she was unable. In the morning Lauren replied that she was on her way home from Oklahoma. I got no other replies… At 7 I headed over there to get in my run anyway.  I pulled up to the fence, shut off the engine and took one last look at my phone (this is when i saw Lauren’s reply.) Then another car pulled up and David Weary got out!

He asked if I was finishing or beginning, so I immediately knew that he had not seen my email. I told him that I was about to begin and that I had sent him a late evening invite… So, David was there for a run, coincidentally at just the right time. David was doing his last medium long run before heading to Sacramento to run CIM next Sunday. He looked strong, fit, thin and fast! He ran easy a half a stride ahead of me the whole way. I was feeling better than yesterday. In fact I felt the best of any of my aqueduct runs since coming back. Still, it was a little more effort than “easy” as we ran 5 miles in 41:59.  (Yesterday, for comparison it took 44:00.)

Miles This week = 20
Miles in November = 56.50
Miles in 2011 = 1069.5

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