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A very speedy workout!!

This had to be the fastest HDR speed workout ever!  I saw Neil arriving with Scott Acton and told Clay that it looks like Neil will have someone to chase around the track. Then Justin Pantanan comes jogging by and I say now it looks like Scott will have someone to chase around the track. Neil had just run Santa Clarita half a couple of weeks ago. Scott, of course led the Desert Christian boys XC team to a 2nd place finish in the state last Saturday. Justin is tapering for the Las Vegas Marathon on Sunday where he will attemp to qualify for the Olympic Trials marathon. Justin qualified for and ran the olympic trial marathon 4 years ago.

As we did our intervals there was a good number of runners chasing the elite lead pack. Miguel (who ran 1:28 at Santa Clarita) was not too far behind as was Ben Lambert. Quartz Hill high freshman Lucas came back and ran up there. 8th graders Michael Mayes and Luke were up there. Some fast young ladies were there as well: Julia, Aliya, Alexis and Sydni. Of course there were also a bunch of the regulars there as well: Kathy and Jo Diorio, Brenda, Bev, Debra, Branden and Nick, even Clay!

The workout was 4, 3, 2, 1, 4, 3, 2, 1.  Clay had assigned me a speed limit of 7:30 pace so I was shooting for 1:52 a lap. Most of the time I was guilty of speeding just a bit. My lap splits varied between 1:45 and that 1:52.  When we were all finished I ran run 6 miles and I was pretty tired. But, I think the workout went pretty well!

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