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Wednesday’s work

So today I got dressed out to run with my kids. We did a “follow the Lister” run for a mile and a half. We must have been going pretty slow, though because at one point a couple of the kids asked if they could press the turbo and go faster. So I sent them on an extra loop around a couple backstops while I led the slower part of the group in a different direction. They all caught up of course. After a mile and a half of craziness we headed out the front gate for a mile and a half of self paced running. I finished in the middle of the group. Total run – 3 miles.

Next I changed out of the stinky running clothes and headed over to AV Physical Therapy to work with Clay. I was sore from last nights speed work, though so I was not able to do as many reps on the various exercises Clay had me do. Clay has been having me work on core strength. Let’s see if I can remember all the exercises he is having me do:

  1. bridges with feet on a ball – alternating 5 leg lifts on one side, 5 leg lifts on the other side plus 5 ball rolls.  5 sets
  2. rower machine – 3 reps where I pull down on the rower, while lifting one leg upward, 5 x right side, 5 x left side.
  3. rower machine – 2 reps using squats.
  4. Throwing a ball at a trampoline while kneeling on one knee with the other leg out in front – 20 throws each side.
  5. Throwing a heavier ball with two hands – on each side and with both knees side by side.
  6. Leg and Arm lift in a hands and knees position. (Didn’t do this one today.)
  7. Sit on exercise ball with one leg lifted in air. Clay throws a ball all over the place and I have to catch it and throw it back (FUN!)
  8. push up position with feet on ball – added some leg lifts.
  9. Squats- 4 x 20
  10. Val Sliders – 2 x 15 per leg
  11. Kettle Bell lifts with one leg.
  12. Therabeques  (sort of like an arabesques)
  13. INCH WORMS!!

After I got home and had some dinner, Cheryl wanted to go for a walk. So, we headed over to the mall and walked our 1 1/2 mile limited shopping loop.

It is nice now to be home relaxing.

Edited to add the Inchworms- How could I have forgot the inchworms?
The one other thing that Clay has had me do was the Big Rope Waves…..

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  1. You didn’t like the inchworms? hoping I would forget? Next week we try the kettlebell dead lifts without the rear foot touching, Maybe some ball slams in the near future. Do the squats, val slides All 4’s and bridging 5x5x5 for next couple of days.

  2. How could I forget the inchworms! Actually, I was wondering about the big rope waves as well… I did those just that one day. They were challenging, but fun!

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