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Thursday’s Thrashing

Actually, I do not feel thrashed today, I just thought it sounded like a good title.

At 2pm it was VERY windy. I got a couple of phone calls before school let out from other teachers asking if I was still going to go run. I answered incredulously, “Of course! Why wouldn’t I?” Only about a dozen young athletes braved the cold wind to go with me. Of course they really were braving the cold, as they don’t think to bring jackets or even long sleeves with them! I ran with a long sleeve running shirt over a short sleeve shirt. I had the sleeves pulled over my hands the entire run and I felt just right. I could imagine that they were getting chilly. Of course, if you are going to go run in the cold the best thing is to keep moving. So we ran through the houses up to the aqueduct and then over to 60th, across the bridges and back after going through the tunnels. For most of the kids it was their first tunnels run and they were excited!

It ended up being exactly 5 miles round trip.

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