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Breakfast on the aqueduct

Today, Jen joined me for my Sunday morning run on the aqueduct. My goal was to run 7 or 8 miles nice and easy. Jen turned out to be just like Lauren – always pushing the pace. The miles clicked by in 8:21, 8:15, 8:22, 8:10, 8:06 (41:16 for 5 miles), 8:13….. at the 6 mile mark I was feeling great so we decided to go out 1/2 mile farther to turn around. Within this half mile my hamstring started to fatigue. If I concentrated on keeping my hips forward though, I could continue without symptoms. I backed off a bit as we ran the last two in 8:30 and 8:40.

People keep asking me if I am better, or “all better.”  It is sometimes hard to say. I am definitely not “all” better but I see lots of improvement. Formerly, the hamstring was painful and tight starting a run – not so right now. Formerly the hamstring was achy when sitting in my recliner or while driving the car – not so right now. Formerly, the hamstring had a definite sharp pain when doing certain stretches, especially, one Clay gave me called flossing – not so right now. Continuing is pain and tightness in the lower parts of the right hamstring and adductor when doing things like lifting my leg up to put on socks – though this is improving. Continuing on days like today is pain or tightness in the right hamstring and both hip adductors when I become fatigued – still I see this as improving. The hip adductors, btw have always been the part that would most noticeably become fatigued for me on long runs.

Miles This week = 26.5
Miles in November = 65.50
Miles in December = 17.50
Miles in 2011 = 1096

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  1. Get strong before adding miles and pushing the pace. After a hard 5K effort needs to be an easy day as in 9 min pace so you can work hard the next day. You will constantly be banging your head against the wall if you are always pushing the limits. RELAX and ENJOY Running. Take another 2 months off of having to run hard or long. I think your recovery is more important than Boston, more important than putting in the long run. Build back SLOWLY! The harder you push the running the less you will be able to do in therapy. I recommend in addition to the fast running being no faster than 7:20 pace, I say no long run faster than 8:30 pace!!!! And when fatigue sets in as in pain in the adductors or hamstrings it is time to walk!!!

  2. Good job on your 8 miler. It’s nice to have company, but unless everyone has agreed to run the same pace it is difficult. When I was following Karl’s program for the Wichita Marathon I always found myself running a little to fast on my recovery days with Lauren.

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