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Saturday on the aqueduct

Today we had one of those nice runs with lots of friends!

At 7:00 am we met at 79th West and the aqueduct and headed west. We had Clay, Zac, Karl, Jeff and Jennie Smith, Michael (friend of Jeff), Lauren and myself. Fran started her run at 60th west and timed it so that she was at 70th at 7 am with us. Fran and Jennie headed off first and then the rest of us took off together. After an easy first mile Karl, Zac and Jeff Smith parted from the rest of us so that they could go faster. The 3 of them did 10 miles at a 7:30 pace. Micheal hung with Lauren, Clay and I for awhile but eventually dropped back a little. Our plan was also for 10 miles but I was not feeling it. My hamstring was not bothering me, but I was just feeling generally wiped out after 3 or 4 miles. So at 4 we turned and headed back. We ended up doing 8 miles at about an 8:30 pace. When we got back to the cars, Dave Weary was there. He had mistakenly started at 60th west. I have two excuses for the fatigue: 1) I had my appointment with Clay yesterday and he put me through a pretty rough core and leg strengthening workout. 2) I either have a head cold or  a very bad case of allergies at the moment – fortunately it is just my sinuses but boy am I drippy!

Tomorrow Clay and I (and anyone else who want to join us) are planning 8 more miles on the aqueduct at Ave S in Palmdale – 7:00 am

Thanks to Clay for the following pic after our run:

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