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Easing down on the accelerator

First – yesterday. I have been taking Monday and Friday off from running. These are the days I have been seeing Clay at Valley Physical Therapy. He has been having me squat, val slide, throw……. lots of hard work…. but I am getting better.

Today was the high desert runners speed workout. Clay has been out there every week lately – I think to enforce my speed limit…. well actually, it is great to see him out there running again. A couple of weeks ago the speed limit was 7:30 pace. Today the workout began with a 7:00 pace limit. The workout was 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1.  The  4 minute intervals included laps of 1:42 – 1:47. Clay said I could go a little faster on the next set so I did. 1:40 and 1:42. On the two minute intervals we went a little faster still – 1:37 and 1:41. On the two 1 minute intervals I just cruised while Clay took off way faster!

I did more than 2 miles of warm up so the full workout length was 7 1/2 miles.

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  1. For the record AV Physical Therapy changed it’s name to Rancho Wellness Center many years ago. My clinic is named Valley Physical Therapy Group (for the past 32 years).
    Great workout tonight. Next Tuesday a little faster. Key word= Little

  2. oops, Here I am trying to give you some props and I get it wrong….. Seeing as how you have so generously sponsored my races I should have gotten that right. I could have just gone and looked at one of my shirts! I have already edited and corrected it.

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