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Running and Pizza….. Kinda counter productive

This is the last week of school this year. So, of course we had to run to Vinces for a pizza party! I was a little surprised that there were only 23 runners, well, plus three alumni. I am sure I ate more calories in pizza than I burned on the 4 1/2 mile run over there. The run itself was slow. I was the only adult so I had to keep an eye on the back of the pack, but that is only my excuse.

I am in reality a bit sore in the abs and the right hamstring. The hamstring does not have the sharp pain, it is just a little sore throughout the muscle.

So now, later in the evening I have completed my homework. Clay wanted me to do val slides. 3 sets. I was to work on getting my upper leg all the way down to the horizontal, while of course not moving my knee forward.

How did I do Clay?

Oh, I did some squats on the bosu ball and some other stuff too.

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