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A new pinaccle

For today’s run we ran the Boulders bluff to the tunnels run. The funny thing is that I only had 7 students….. SEVEN!! It was a really nice peaceful run!  I think the slight drizzle that started right as school got out scared the rest of them away. Of course, this same drizzle ended before we actually got around to running.

The other factor for the low attendance was that today was the day of Hillview’s 100 merit trip for the first semester. All the students who had maintained their 100 merits all year were invited to a day of fun at Mulligans. I think most of the kids who can gone to Mulligans were just not into the normal day frame of mind. And at Hillview running after school is a normal day!

Now of course, I had been to Mulligan’s as well. When given a choice between going somewhere with the kids who have 100 merits or staying behind with those who don’t I typically choose to go have some fun. All this to get to the point of today’s post’s title. I was watching the kid’s climb the rock wall. Most of them were not being successful. Andrew, my top 7th grade runner went up the wall as easy as going up a ladder. After watching for awhile I figured I would give it a try. For me it was no stepladder, but I was very pleased to make to the very top. It took me awhile and during my trip I was very focused on what I was doing. When I reached up and touched the top cross bar a bunch of kid’s applauded! I ‘landed’ and saw that I had caught the attention of quite a few of them!  I wish I had a picture of myself on the wall, but alas I do not. But it looked something like this:

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