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The title of this post is the distance I ran this week. Your challenge is to identify the units used….

I like my Sunday morning run habit. I really missed the Sunday morning runs most during my 2 month hiatus. You see, on Sundays my wife gets up really early to get ready to go save money at Rite Aid and CVS. She literally gets her coupons and bonus deals all lined up and heads over there for free things. She has their system figured out and works it to her advantage. Now the stuff she gets is not just for us. Our church has a food pantry for the needy and Cheryl keeps it stocked with other items that the needy might need: Deodorants, Toothpaste, Aspirin, Depends…..

So if I head out for a run at 6:30 or 7 am I am getting in a run without removing myself from any other family activity. Of course I have to be finished by a certain time to get changed and ready for church. Cheryl wraps up her shopping and I wrap up my running and we meet at Church an hour early to practice the day’s music.  She is the keyboard player and I am the lead singer and guitar player for our church’s singing.

This morning I had the pleasure of running with 3 friends: Jen, Adam (Jen’s husband), and Jose. This was the first Sunday morning run for Adam and Jose. We all ran together and talked and joked for five miles.  (Sample Joke:  Adam and Jen are both running in Vibram shoes. The temperature is 30 degrees. Jen says I can’t feel my toes, Adam can you feel yours? Adam says No. I say, I can’t feel either of your toes.)  After 5 miles in 42 minutes, Adam and I quit. Jen and Jose headed out for more. I believe Jen was planning on 3 marathon pace (7:30) miles. I noticed her pulling away from Jose has they headed out. The run was probably pretty long for Jose.

So this was my longest weekly total since my break. My hamstring is a bit sore and tight from yesterday’s 10 miler and/or Friday’s workout at Valley Physical Therapy.

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  1. Dale
    I couldn’t figure it out. At first I thought a “league” or “furlong.” The only thing I can think of now is 1.6 marathons. I give up.

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