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Another Tuesday, another Tuesday night speed workout. This time we had four of my students: David, Travis, Harry and Cooper. We also had a bunch of the regulars: Jesse, Alan (eventually), Brenda, Debra, Leo, Clay, myself. We had two DCS boys: Zac and Jonathan . Finally, we had a new young lady named Sarah. She looks like she will give Jen and any other 20 something young ladies a challenge Saturday.

We did the same workout as last week: 4, 4, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1  I was feeling pretty light and loose.  As the evening progressed I went faster and faster. On the first four my lap splits were 1:42 and 3:35. On the second four: 1:41 and 3:32. On the threes and twos the lap splits went: 1:40; 1:39, 1:39. 1:37. On the 1 minute intervals I went around 350 and 360 meters respectively.

The whole time I felt smooth and twinge free!

Afterwards, the same old areas are tightening, but not bad.

During the 1 mile cool down I struck up a conversation with a guy who was out there running laps. It turns out he is the dad of one of my current science students. He will probably be joining our workout next week.

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