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The Dreaded Diablo Dash

This morning 13 Hillview kids met me at Marie Kerr park for a workout. On the drive over I noticed some slushy ice in a couple of gutters so the temperature must have been around freezing. Unfortunately, it was also a bit breezy out there making it a cold morning for a run.

The fourteen of us did one of our normal Marie Kerr Park workouts: Hill Repeats. We jog from Marie Kerr over by Cottonwood elementary and make our way to the gate at the end of P-12. From there we run West up P-12 and then Southwest up the aqueduct access road. We break this run into 30s chunks and run them fast. Once we get up to the aqueduct we take it northwest and follow the path down across the road that had been P12. There the access road gets really steep heading back up to the aqueduct. Someone measured off 100m on it and marked it off in 10m increments. We named this 100m hill the Diablo Dash. We ran it, circled clockwise over the little hill nearby and went back down and ran it again!

I have never made the kids do Diablo twice, but it was still so early that I was worried if we just ran back to the park, the kids would spend too much time sitting and waiting for their parents. The wind chill would be dangerous once we stopped working out. So, just to kill time – we did it again. On the 2nd one I gave the slowest girl a 30m head start. Most of the kids caught her. As I got close though she really dug deep. So did I but she still managed beat me in a photo finish.

After a leisurely jog back to the park, most of the parents were already waiting. The rest huddled together for warmth for just a few remaining minutes till they were picked up.

Here is the link to the workout…. 

btw, last night I did my WWW – Wednesday Watch (tv) and Workout.  Click here or the strength training worksheet link above for details.

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  1. We did a repeat of Diablo in the summer one day. Most of the kids were walking up the first time so you made us do it twice

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