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I was going to try to embed the song, but it is turning out to be more difficult than I want to bother with….

So, today I headed over to Marie Kerr to meet with the kids once again. Unlike yesterday, however, today was a beautiful day for a run. At 8 am I am sure it was still at or below freezing, but the sun was shining brightly and there was no wind. I hope tomorrow we have just as nice of a day for the Jingle Bell Jog!

Since tomorrow is the Jingle Bell Jog, I kept today’s workout easy and fun. We ran a lap around the park. Then the kids played some freeze tag and did a couple of relay races. Then we ran another lap around the park. Fo myself, not getting into the games, I barely ran 2 miles.

Later in the afternoon I headed over to Clay’s office for my PT work. Clay has been having me jump! I was jumping up onto some boxes and then back down. At one point he had me jump sideways which was kind of awkward. I cannot remember the last time I jumped sideways. I am excited to think about where this strength training will lead me as I ease back into faster training and racing!

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